Adobe giving linux love

Adobe should just let it die already!


I've not read closely on this, i've heard that this update does not support specific things.

Also its flash.. Yeah theres one or two places that use it.. but really..


I would've much rather heard "Adobe gets their head out of their rear end, decides to support Creative Cloud for Linux".

But Flash is nice too lol nice is a relative term of course, as nice as Flash can be on any platform


When do you need flash? Only people that use flash are crackers trying to enter your system before they move it to Linux they should first give it love in Windows since its still broken over there.

People that want to watch Twitch without jumping through hoops is the only thing I can think of.

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can you give me a quick twitch link let me check if it it works. I got nothing quick never watch twitch XD


There are ways to watch Twitch on Linux without Flash... don't know the exact details, but it involves a stick of gum, a paperclip, and VLC.


I use Fedora 24 without flash. saw chat and could see video.
HTML5 is a good replacement for Flash and fully implemented on all websites unless primitive ones.


Well that's completely pointless

also flash crashed my firefox not 5 minutes ago, why can't all porn sites switch to HTML5 already


You know it's funny, almost any kind of live streaming seems to require this if you don't want to be a slave to proprietary

Flash isn't dead yet? Who knew.

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People that write ransomware know :p
But honestly if you use Chrome/Firefox or anything not Edge or IE related. You can disable Flash and almost all website display HTML5. Only reason to use flash is if you watch porn i geuss....(if you use Windows since Linux doesn't have Flash yet...)

Interesting. I ignorantly assumed since I was on Linux without Flash installed that Twitch would just use HTML5. I then assumed Twitch didn't support HTML5 video yet. I don't watch Twitch often so I didn't bother to pursue it further.

I am willing to bet that adobe wants to see how many linux users are out there. If they get a decent amount of traffic from linux users it might push them to port their software over to linux.

I hope it but honestly this looks like the dumbest move they could choose. Also Apple (that has Abobe) is based on BSD Darwin. So it's not that hard to port to Linux.

my first contribution to Apple fans on this forum i guess:
It should be there somewhere...They moved it!

found it just wrong website.. enjoy apple without apple stuff :p

Great! The one program everyone wants to go


Flash can die in a fire as far as I'm concerned.
Adobe software as a whole is pretty lame. Photoshop CC (Continuous Cashflow) isn't any better than CS6, Lightroom is still slow compared to CaptureOne, Premiere is currently attacked be Davinci Resolve (... which is free!!!), the performance does not scale on more than 4-6 cores for any Adobe program ........

Just fuck Adobe.


Well the port itself might be somewhat straight forward, but there are a bunch of other complications.

Codec support alone will be an absolute nightmare.

And ultimately I think that is what it comes down to. Lack of users keep the game devs away, and the sheer insanity of linux keeps adobe away.