Adobe CS6 Surface Dial Plugin

Does anyone know of a plugin that adds support for the Microsoft Surface Dial to Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Illustrator CS6? If you know anything about getting the Surface Pen’s buttons to play nicely with CS6 that would be much appreciated as well. The Surface Dial does not work with CS6 natively because Adobe does not support CS6 anymore I believe.

I think you are shit out of luck, CS6 was a released when XP was a thing back in 2012. Win10 was not even talked about at that stage and the surface dial not dreamt up yet.

A quick search around and it turns up nothing.

EDIT: Further they were only showing it as a “tech preview” in CC 2017 last month… Yeah definitely not happening for CS6. It wont be included as a functional part of CC until the 2018 release.

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Just upgrade to CC 2018. It’s enabled by default under “Technology Previews” in Photoshop settings, but you also need Win10 version 1709 for new functionality. Works great.

If he’s asking for a specific not-so-current-version there’s probably a reason “just update” is not a thing.

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Not sure why you’re assuming that someone can’t update their software. Adobe CC is available to everyone.

It might be a company licence and/or policy for that version. It might be a student’s licence that is free, so CC is not an alternative.
There’s a number of reasons.

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I was under the impression that licensing changed to “Enterprise Term License Agreement” or a “Value Incentive Plan” and existing license models have not been available since December 31st 2015 including preexisting creative cloud academic licensing. That’s the information I got a few years ago from my Adobe reps in any case.

Are you saying that this is not the case?

CS6 is still the classical licence model for either single users or volume licensing. Yes you cannot buy them anymore (from Adobe directly anyway), but of course existing licences continue to be valid, whether it was bought or free for students.

And let’s be honest (this is just my opinion), with a lot of Adobe products there is often not much reason to invest in an update unless you absolutely need a feature in any given newer version. This of course depends on what you are doing with the software, but CS6 is still enough in a lot of use-cases.


The reason that I was asking for CS6 was because that is what my mom uses for her creative work and she recently bought a Surface Book. I personally use CC and it does work fine with that, but she likes CS6 and dosen’t need any of the new feature other than the dial. I was just wondering if their was a plugin for it, or something. Which there does not seem to be, but that’s okay,

I completely agree with @mihawk90 too. There is not much reason for her to upgrade at this point. But likely in the far future their will be.

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Show her all the features she’s missing out on :smiley:

Not much right now for the savings of sticking with cs6 really.