Adobe and firefox

ok so im haveing issues with adobe flash player and firefox when i had my old video card (evga 295 co-op) i could tab pages for days on end and no cut out but after i switched my video card to my his r9 270 for some reason ive been haveing issues

  1. the video starts to play the flashes black for a while then goes back to the video

  2. the video goes all black but i can still hear the audio

  3. i see a grey box

any one know what to do i have the 32 bit version of adobe flash player what do i need to do?

I have issues with adobe flash player as well, lots of macrostuttering. I tried on iGPU a HD 6870 and 290, all of which have the same problem. I use html5 video players whenever I can, which play silky smooth. Adobe Flash player can sod off.