AdminDev Give Away


Effective Modern C++
Linux Administration for Beginners
Python Crash Course
Python OOP
Algorithms and Data Structures
Eloquent JavaScript

Hey everyone, welcome to the first of AdminDev's Give Away.

What?! you ask? “Give Away? Free as in free beer?”

That’s right, your eyes do not betray you. I only ask two (ish) things:

  1. If you’re outside the U.S. I (may) ask that you help with shipping costs. Can’t spend $200 on a $60 book you know what I’m sayin’? :wink:
  2. Please, do not torrent these. From what I’ve seen they’re already out there. These are physical books, so I am asking that you not scan/upload/seed.

I think it would be cool to have a community library so to speak, where we just cycle books around and learn and grow together. Maybe use the Amazon safe houses (can’t recall what they’re called at the moment lol).

Anyway, let me know if you see something you like and we’ll work something out. I’m near a UPS store I think, but I can always go U.S.P.S. or another route (get it? Route? Like, driving? kek).

Linux Network Internals
Real World OCaml
Professional Clojure (Not an intro book. You can still learn with little knowledge, just an FYI really deep material)
Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript (PHP 5.6 I believe. Not as feature rich as 7.x, but still good. A great deal of web stuff out there is still PHP. Great for getting feet wet and building a foundation to go into Laravel!)
Laravel Up & Running (Helps to know PHP)
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

I am at a point in my career where these are not longer relevant or beneficial to me. Rather than sell or give them to a local library, I wanted to try here first. As I said above, I think it would be cool to have our own “library”.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to see the condition of a particular book up close.



I might be interested in the Linux Admin: Beginners Guide.
Though I’m a little intimidated because of how little I know about Linux in general.

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Ah, sorry man. You responded as I was making an edit.

That one has been claimed. I added claimed to the top.

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Can I grab the 2 python books?

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Added to the list. DM me your shipping info and I’ll get it out today or tomorrow

Damn I was hoping to get the crash course. too slow :c

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That’s a brilliant idea! I’m sure I’ve got some books laying around that I don’t need.


can i grab the alglorithms and data scructures book?


Sure thing. DM me your stuff

Excellent choice.


i wanted a python book but those were all taken

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They’re popular, but frankly, I don’t really get much benefit from programming books unless they’re more abstract, like the one you snagged.


I prefer having a more physical reference material


It’s nice to have, so you can step away from the computer to learn, but I find that reference material is best when it’s grepable.


I’d love the JS books as the post processor for the CAM system I use is written in JS.

I presume they are a bit above beginner though?


Eloquent JavaScript (An intro to Programming/CompSci using JavaScript. One of the best “Intro” books around)

I should learn to read more gooder…

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Hey @anon79053375 you wouldn’t happen to have any Assembler books would you?


Sure thing, adding you to the list. DM me your info when you have time!

Did you just want Eloquent or the JS Ninja? JS Ninja is a bit abstract, but it builds off the previous book nicely.

I do, but unfortunately I’m using it as a desk reference for my new super secretive job :frowning: Let me dig through the closet/storage/hell hole and see if I can find more stuff. The list above was on the bookshelf and in my field of view.


Thanks, I appreciate it.

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Id be interested in the java script ninja book, modern C++ and python crash course.