Adh m40x/50x or Beyerdynamic DT 770 (need closed back)

I am also open to other suggestions, but after looking for a day or so these are what stand out for me. They will be used for music and gaming listen mostly to trance. With the DT 770 I'm a bit confused about what ohm to get. I'm from the uk and I am looking to spend around £150.

well I would stay away from the m50x too narrow of a soundstage. m40x yes. If you want the 770s youll need an amp. no way around that so youll need to add that to price. the m40x have very uncomfortable pads so i would get the Brainwavz Angled Memory Foam Earpad along with them. impedance doesnt really mean much. generally the lower the ohm the easier to drive but that isnt always the case. SoundMAGIC HP150 also are nice. you can even add the vmoda boom pro to it.

ty for the reply. I was thinking of getting the 250 ohm 770's with this amp, tbh I'm quite out of my depth and not sure what to get. As for the mic I was thinking the antlion mod mic but I don't need one just yet so it can wait.

E10k is good but that 3.5mm is bothersome. The 770s has a 1/4 inch and it comes with an adapter but Ive broken off 3.5mm in headphones before. personally i would go with the SMSL M3. Its the same with more options and 1/4 inch. Id much rather go with a 1/4 in the amp to a 3.5 headphone than from 3.5mm amp to a 1/4 headphone. but its up to you. Bass boost is nice.

I have used 80Ohm DT 770s just fine on motherboard onboard audio as well as the output on my smartphone. You don't need an amp unless you get the 250ohm or higher impediance models. I couldn't really tell any significant difference between my onboard audio and an external dac/amp.

I'm gonna get the smsl and the 250 ohm 770's ty for the help.