Adding storage drives to existing setup

@wendell, can you do a video on adding storage space to an existing linux system. I have followed the directions in a couple of different videos and they have all worked on getting the drives installed and mounted so that I can read and write to and from the drives. However, the drives will not auto mount when I boot the system.

Can you please do a quick video showing how to install and mount the drives and have them auto mount each time the system is booted?

Thank you

Erm, do you really want a video version of man fstab?


I think it would be a nice addition to the linux pool or resources for new linux users. One of the biggest draw backs for people converting from windows to linux is adding drives to their system and having them auto mount. If you look for videos on youtube they all have a different approach for this and it would be nice to have a definitive way of solving this problem.

I agree. one of the biggest hurdles is superficial accessibility. having it in noob friendly video format could help things significantly, and L1T is a good a source as any for it.

You could find any of a number of videos on the subject already on YouTube.
Here's just one example

You're not wrong. OTOH, The pedantic thing to do would be to point storage oriented installations to ZFS-native environments, like freebsd.