Adding SSD with windows 7 to PC with windows 10

So I recently built a new system and bought a new nvme m.2 to boot from and I installed windows 10. On my previous system, I was using a regular ssd with windows 7 on it as my boot drive.
I want to use my old ssd in my new system, but I just want to make sure there won’t be any corruptions/conflicts or problems by adding it into my new rig.
Obviously boot priority will load from the nvme, but does anyone know if I will experience any problems?

Problems such as?

Theres no issue I know of.

Just any issues relating to having technically two operating systems on the same system.

Nope, dual booting is a practice enjoyed by many. Have fun.

I don’t want to dual boot, just simply hook up the ssd and then format it to use it as a normal drive. So you’re saying that as long as boot priority loads from the windows 10 drive, it won’t cause any issues that another version of windows is loaded onto the ssd.

What board do you have?

a z390 aorus xtreme

bios tab > boot option priorities > boot option #1

set to the name of your nvme drive if its not already. congratulations, your board will always boot your windows 10 install.


“diskmgmt.msc” is your friend, ust that to format the drive if regular explorer says no.
Have fun