Adding repositorys from other all the OS?

Is it possible to use Arch Linux repositorys and Fedora Linux repositorys in Ubuntu or Linuxmint? Main reason I ask this is I like the base GUI of BlackArch with the right click and having access to all tools even if it opens up in terminal. Plus Blackarch has a lot of tools I would like to have.

Generally, no.

There are utilities to work with packages from other distros in nearly every other distro, but it’s primarily for developers packaging for other distros.

Very Bad Things™ happen if you try without a deep understanding of various package managers.

It is not posible.

Ubuntu and Mint use apt with .deb packages, Fedora uses dnf with RPM packages, and arch uses pacman and aur. These are not compatible with each other.

If you want the BlackArch GUI, you could just install fluxbox from the Ubuntu repositories and the BlackArch themes for Fluxbox from here-

As for the tools, you should be able to install pretty much all of them on Mint or Ubuntu, although some or many might not be in the repositories and need to be manually compiled and/or installed.

Something that might be an acceptable solution though is using generic containers.

Might wanna check this out:

but as others said, generally no, and it may lead to instability if you force it.