Adding Microsoft fonts to Linux tutorial

Are you going to a college where only Microsoft’s fonts are accepted? I have spent a good amount of time trying to find instructions on how to use Microsoft’s fonts with Linux. All I found was that most instructions on the internet are a pain and don’t always work. Apparently it’s as easy as copying the fonts directly from a windows machine.

For me in Ubuntu I just use the terminal to install the fonts:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer


Cool. I’m not sure if every Linux distribution has a package available. That would definitely be the way to go though.

If anybody is wondering why Linux can’t just come with fonts like Times New Roman it’s because TNR and many other fonts are proprietary. Even Microsoft doesn’t own TNR, they licensed it from Monotype.

Very interesting. I had know idea the fonts were licensed by other sources.

Yeah if its not available in the repos then you just add the .ttf file under /usr/share/fonts and then it makes its system wide.

Yep. Went through my masters with it. Nifty thing too is to make a template for libreoffice, Calc, etc.

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…Wait so I can go to a college where liberation serif gets me an F?

Sign me up!

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I found this a while back while searching for a font issue i was having. might help some people, very easy method, just double check the font directory for your distro in the

Mandatory use of Microsoft’s font really bugs me. I do like Segoe UI in Windows 10. But my favorite font by far is actually the Ubuntu font. I use it everywhere I can. I even forbid websites from loading their own font because I want to look at the pretty Ubuntu font.

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I was going to go on a rant about how easy it is to install fonts in Linux compared to windows, but I remembered some people are new to it and have never used the nix fs before.
Good little bit OP, restrain smarta
*…must… but seriously. Good little bit of info for new people.

This thread got me thinking… Isn’t there a way to “patch” systemwide so that required MS Fonts are replaced with libre versions? Something like the “alternate fonts” on MS Word (I used to have to use that when I used OSX at school)

I was thinking having copies of libre font files named after MS ones. For example, whenever a program expects Calibri, have a copy of carlito.ttf named calibri.ttf


Does anybody know any coplete list with all these equivalences exists?

I’ve used MS Win and OSX and when I switched I grabbed all their fonts, but it would be nicer to have proper free fonts replacing them.