Adding log to android playstore app?

Hello to all android dev :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m having a bit of an issue with a brand new vacuum from Roborock. They’ve changed the software of the robot, and there is nolonger any way to grab the token before registering it.

I’ve found that the original APK use paho mqtt to talk with ??? server, and i believed it get the token that way.

I have 0 knowledge on how android pkg work, but unpacking it is very easy. Is there a way to simply add a logger to file (or the sqllite db file) that would log every message send and received by mqtt ?

I’m running this on a rooted device, so signature might not be an issue.

Thank’s for any help on this, and don’t hesitate to tell me if i sound like that kid who “simply” want to hack facebook :wink: