Adding games to tablet without an internet connection?

I just bought a tablet but I have no way of connecting it to the internetz at the moment. Is there a way I could download games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja (Free to play Android games) onto an SD card? 

apk files

Do you need any special installer or can I just download then files onto my SD card then add them to the tablet?

no you dont need anything special

though good luck finding the correct apk files, many games have multiple versions depending on things like cpu, some programs will work on arm.v5 based but not on arm.v6 based and so-on, google play checks what kind of device you have and downloads the correct file for your device, so basically finding apks can be a pain, and then finding the correct apk can also be a pain

good luck though

Do you know of any good, safe sites to find APK files? I tried looking for some but didn't access them since I don't have an anti-virus on my laptop and don't want to get it infected.

you can try and see what xda has

i never found any sites (like apk warehouses) that i trusted 100%... or much at all

Yes you do need something special!

First of all check to make sure your tablet can actually install apk files. Go in Settings - Security - check Unknown sources. After that you need a file manager. Try either ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer. From the file manager, locate your apk and install it.

As far as finding the right apk's, I would try XDA forums. But still, be careful when installing apk's as they're not official apps, they might come with some "extra features", like spamming your notification bar or worse - spyware. Read forum comments for that apk before installing, and look through the permissions while installing the app.

^oh yeah i forgot about that tick box, i figured your stock file browser would suffice, it would have to if you dont have a connection to get a new one

Alright thanks a ton guys! I'll make sure to check out the XDA forums.