Adding an SSD to my current PC, Questions

Hey guys,

I'm finally getting an SSD for my PC which is about a year old. Obviously I'd like to use the SSD for my OS and some of my games, but of course at the moment everything is installed on my existing single 1TB HDD. So my question is what would be the proper way to make the switch to the SSD?

I'm assuming I can't just re-install the OS on the SSD and be done with it right? Aren't there more steps I need to take to get the PC back up to snuff since all my programs are installed through another window's directory on a separate drive?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I've always been pretty good with hardware, but software just confuses me.

If you got a samsung SSD, go and download Samsung Data Migration Software. Or you could use other programs such as EaseUS Todo

For window 7:

Window 8 :

Thanks!  I used the Samsung migration software and it worked great, however now I have a different problem. When I reboot my PC I can't seem to get it to use the SSD by default to boot from and it keeps defaulting to the old HDD and the only way I can boot from the SSD is by entering the BIOS every time and forcing it to boot from it.

My bios has a really easy to manage boot disk priority thing on it, but the only drives that show up on it are my old 1TB HDD and my Blu-ray drive. I added the SSD and another 2TB HDD and they are both working fine and I can find the in the BIOS and in windows, but I can't get either of them to show up in the boot disk priority list.

Sorry if this all sound silly, I kinda sorta have no idea what I'm talking about, but I sort of do LOL.

Got it figured out! Was just unfamiliar with the BIOS setting I guess. Eventually found where to switch the boot priority and now everything is working great so far.

Thanks for the help!