Adding ACPI support for a Thinkpad X1 Tablet


I have a Thinkpad X1 Tablet 2nd Gen.

It looks something like this:

As you can see I can get Linux to boot on it, but the experience isn’t great.

Most of the power management is borked, and I can’t get it to recognise the power button, or the Volume keys (although oddly the volume keys work when the keyboard is attached) And on top of that the cameras don’t work.

Officially it doesn’t support S3 sleep, although if you instruct it to sleep from a soft button it will “go dark” I have no idea if it’s asleep or crashed or just off, because the power button won’t wake it back up. Holding the button till it resets will allow you to turn it back on.

When it’s “asleep” the think light stays on, it usually blink on windows, just like a normal Thinkpad laptop, this leads me to think its still on, but the screen is off.

I imagine until the new sleep spec becomes better supported by the Kernel and DE’s learn to call it, sleep is a lost cause, but it would be a great improvement just to have proper ACPI support for this device.

The thinkpad-acpi project seems like the logical place to add support for this device, but they seem “quiet” and I don’t have the know how to write a patch for this myself.

I really love this device, It’s great for note taking at Uni, but its quirks are driving me crazy. I can’t just put windows back on it because frankly the experience isn’t much better. The OS and hardware work fine, but the’s no PDF reader or note taking app that is optimised for a small ish touch screen.

Can anyone provide any help or pointers?

PS if anyone knows how to make the MS deep sleep feature work on linux THANK YOU, please?

do you have enough swap space?

Have you tried SSHing into your laptop during this state?