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Adding a second sound card crashes linux+windows


I’ve added a pci-e sound card to my system as a secondary audio source (the primary one is onboard) in order to specify what audio output from games in OBS should be streamed, and what audio should not be streamed but still go to my headphones. The idea is that I want to be able to stream games but still listen to YouTube.

On Windows, you can add virtual audio devices, and that works well for ignoring the YouTube audio feeds, but since its a virtual sound device I can’t hear it either.

So after adding the second sound card, Linux boots up fine. Sound works fine coming from the onboard audio. As soon as I try to play a sound through the second card, my computer reboots.

How can I tell what is causing the crashes in Linux when I’m utilizing the second sound card?



I’ve determined that it was my motherboard causing the issues. I knew one PCI-E port was bad, but didn’t realize they were ALL bad.

After moving the card to a different computer, I was able to accomplish what I wanted without any issues. Linux seems to handle multiple sound devices just fine, and I could route apps to a particular device easily.

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Could be base clock not beeing 100MHz. It is very touchy that way.

Also, what mainboard (and CPU) are you running?



ASRock AB350M Pro 4
Ryzen 2200G

I put the system together just over a year ago, and it worked up until last week when the main PCI-E slot for my video card suddenly conked out. I have always been running with the default BIOS settings, and I hadn’t recently updated the BIOS or made any changes. The board is on BIOS 5.90 dated 2019/7/5. So it had been stable for over a month. I didn’t update to version 6, as the mf notes specify its not safe to do so with Raven Ridge CPUs.

It wouldn’t POST at all unless I pulled the graphics card, which works great in a spare computer. Putting the graphics into the secondary PCI-E slot would POST, but not boot into either Windows or Linux.

Putting the soundcard in, I could still boot, but both OSes would crash when trying to use it.

Putting the soundcard into my secondary computer, alongside the aforementioned graphics card, and they both work fine. My diagnoses is that the motherboard is bad, and I have ordered a new one that is arriving tomorrow. If that doesn’t fix all this, I suppose I can write an update here.

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