Adding a second Crucial M4 to use RAID

So, this might be a slightly odd question, and I'm simply not sure about it, so here goes.

 I currently have a 128gb Crucial M4. If I wanted to buy a second one to put it in a Raid 0, would it be possible to take an image of the OS currently installed on the single drive, and apply it to the Raid drives once set up?

 It really isn't an issue to re-install windows, I am just curious if it's possible. Thanks, guys.

You would need to get another drive of equal capacity or larger and image the SSD to another drive. Then setup your RAID0 and image it back. It's probably not worth the extra time. Personally, everytime I get a new drive I reinstall Windows just so I get a nice fresh install. Fresh installs are always better.



always nice to get a fresh install of windows if you can.... if I were you, i'd stash teh windows install media in ur case somewhere.... i plan to, just so I don't loose it...

Yeah, if I were to grab a second drive, re-installing Windows would be much easier. I was just simply curious as to how difficult the process would be. Thanks for the reply.