Adding a missing hardware id into a Nvidia driver

Hi everyone. I just bought an HP Pavilion laptop to browse the internet and do some light gaming while I'm away from home. The specs are: i5-4200u(I know, I know ulv), Nvidia 840m 2GB, 4GB RAM, 750GB HD. My operating system is Windows 8.1. The laptop itself is quite good for the 650$ I paid for it, but sadly I can't get the Nvidia drivers to work with the damn thing. I got the new beta drivers recommended by almost everyone, but they don't seem to recognize my gfx chip. Neither does the laptop itself, btw. In device manager the GPU just shows an "unknown 3D controller". I read around the interwebz about this issue and found that the reason I can't install the driver is because the driver itself doesn't know my hardware because apparently either HP or Nvidia epic failed and didn't write this particular hardware id code into the driver. Anyway, I tried writing the hardware into the driver myself like I read on a guide over at the Nvidia forums but it didn't work out. I'm trying this with the latest 337.50 beta driver(The only one that supports the 800m series of chips) and it seems like Nvidia changed some things since that guide was released. Any tips or step by steps that you guys could come up with would be seriously appreciated, seeing as I'm running the intel HD4400 that comes with the CPU as gfx chip right now, and well, it's fucking terrible.


PS: Oh an by the way, I absofuckinglutely love The Tek, watch it as often as I get a chance to. You guys are beyond awesome.


RMA, is what i would do... :( and i dont think it is possible to change Hardware lda's i think each piece of hardware has its own and it cannot be changed but i'm probably wrong on that 

What I meant was basically writing this particular hardware id into one one of the .inf files in the Nvidia driver. What is RMA?

RMA just means return it, lol

BAD ADVICE STOP, wrong drivers not bad hardware -_-

DON'T RMA YET!!! Your trying desktop drivers, not mobile drivers. Get the mobile drivers then you should be fine

Definitely not going to return, had a talk with some at Nvidia and they're adding my my models hardware id into the next iteration of their mobile drivers. But until then seems like I'm stuck with an Intel 4400 integrated graphics chip.

that sucks, sadly nothing you can do