Adding a GTX 650 for Physx on an AMD setup worth it?

Currently I am rocking an old school 5870. I plan on upgrading it to the next gen amd cards. I have recently discovered Arma 3 and I really enjoy the game. It appears that the game uses Physx for most of the the graphic stuff. I am currently experiencing some issues running the game. The recommended system requirements spec a Radeon 7750. Which I'm pretty sure my aging 5870 2gb card destroys. So I'm wondering if it is the Physx that is messing with my performance.

CPU  1090T @4.1

GPU 5870 2gb

16gb ram 

The CPU does physx for ArmA 3, and it is not the "advanced" physx, just the normal physx that AMD can also run.

so is arma 3 just need some optimization updates then?

all arma games lack alot of optimization. idk why dont do it.

It is not worth spending money on. To get a Nvidia card to work as a dedicated Physx card along side an amd card requires modified nvidia and amd drivers. Not only that but you wont see a large fps boost worth the cost of the second card. With my GTX 780, Under 100% load, my GTX 560 only gives a 10% boost in FPS and thats only in the best of cases, In many other cases, It has a negative effect. 

Save your money and put it towards a more tangable upgrade. If you play a lot of games that require Physx, Then Nvidia might be a good choice


I don't really play a lot of games that require Physx. My processor isn't even at 50% usage when I run Arma 3. Yet I find the game almost unplayable at times. I just want to be able to play the game smooth. The graphics aren't all that great so I don't see why I would have to upgrade the video card. Arma3 My system is above the recommended system requirements. Although It says 1gb video ram. I find my card almost using 2gb when i run the game. 

look up how to set up your video settings and launch parameters because that game is very picky on the video setting and other things on your computer video setting too low=bad fps video settings too high=bad fps you have to find the happy medium.  Also make sure you play on a good server that is not laggy.  Also phenom cpu's do no fair very well in arma for some reason the new FX cpu's and intel do much better even though the game does not use all of the cpu.  If you can tell where this is going arma is fun but its really dumb about what components it runs well on

Arma is a badly optimised game. It kills many graphics cards. If you are strugling to play modern titals, it might be time to upgrade your gpu. You cant get passed the fact that the 7970 is almost double the performance and even then there are cards that are 30%+ more powerful. 

Arma is a very demanding game, Also check to make sure you arnt rendering more than you need to. I for a while wondered why everything was so blury, turns out I was rendering for 4k, outputting at 1050p. A GTX 650 will not solve your problems, your better off going for a complete new card. Better energy consumption aswell.

But I love my 5870! lol. Perhaps I'll pick up a R9 280x in a few weeks...


PhysX isn't something worth paying money for. It should be a feature (and it was) on any card. You can't even do what you want to to do anymore, use a separate card while using amd as the main card, they've changed this with drivers.

ummmmm how does your 5870 kill a 7000 series GPU??? lol and yeah go get a R9 card in the near future. I suspect that they are optimized versions of some 7000 series cards and they have good price points :)

ordered the R9 280x on friday. Well see how it goes. I'm going to miss my 5870 eyefinity 6 hard to believe I paid like $400 for it not long ago.. =(