Adding a chat window

Dear Logan and Wendell,

I have really enjoy using your guys' forum. I think that the community is great. I think the Tek Syndciate forums should add a group chat window. It would allow forum members to communicate and discuss things relating to technology and other things. It would surely create more site traffic (aka Generate more revenue) . I think that myself, and many others would really like if that happened.

And I don not mean like IRC chat, but like a chat that is more user-friendly and more forum wide. More intergrated. Kind of like the chat on

+1 for this idea. Have to say I'm loving the new forum but integrated chat would be a pretty sweet addition.

Isn't there a Tek irc channel? All they need is a web chat that is just the irc.

I think this is kinda what the lounge is for, no?
It could be implimented a bit better though I suppose.

There is already an IRC channel that is exactly what your asking for. You can join it through a client or though the web chat

edit:to add here is the topic for using a chat client

Come join us!

Well now I know, and...

Thanks. :P


@valtteri459, read the posts in the thread - there's only 6 before you.

Sorry, i did not pay attention, i just noticed it in the new feed and decided to offer my help