Adding 2 Disks to a Mirror using FreeNAS

Hello! I currently have 2 1TB disks in a mirror config and I was wondering what would happen if I wanted to add 2 more 1TB disks to my NAS. Would one of the drives be used for more storage and the other mirror, or would they both be used for redundancy like with RAID 1? Thanks for the advice!

You would end up with something like a RAID10, with the original mirror being striped with the new mirror. Of course only new data will be striped, the original data will still all be on the first mirror, you'd have to move the data off and back on to have it striped.

But if you wanted to have a 4 way mirror then you could do that too

I see. So would I have 2 disks for redundancy and 2 for storage?


ok, slammin. Thanks for the help!