Added new monitor but there is a color difference how do i fix it?

So i added a second monitor to my computer and its the same type of monitor an LG Flatron IPS231, both are the same. the new monitor has a slightly yellowish dimmed tint to it and i went into the monitor settings on the screen and made them both the same but they are still different is there any somftware that could match my monitors?

I just ordered another one of my you've got me worried :(


I would be interested in this as well.

No two snowflakes are the same.  So....

Open up control panel and go to colour calibration.

Select your first monitor, go to the advanced tab and click calibrate display.  Run through the calibration settings, it'll tell you what to do.

When the first monitor is done, go back to the Devices tab, check the use my settings for this device button, click on the new colour profile that has appeared in the box below, probably called something like 'sRGB display profile with display... calibrated display profile.icc' and then click the set as default profile button.

Now select your second display at the top and repeat the process.  Make sure you drag the calibration screen onto your second monitor...


You should be able to get both monitors looking pretty similar that way.

Yep.  Color Calibration is going to be the best way to get them looking the same (or close to it).  Software calibration works alright, hardware is better (but you have to buy calibration equipment).  Also keep in mind, that even though they are the same make and model monitor, it doesn't mean they are using the same panel or components.  Often times manufactures use different factories to produce their products, and often times the components differ between those factories (especially if they are in different countries).  So that may also account for some differences as well (though, it should be pointed out that even if everything is identical, there can still be differences is how they display).

i jump into this topic cause ive got a similar problem, but ive got 2 totaly diffrent monitors. does this calibration thing works if you have 2 totaly diffrent panels?

I did color calibration for my new monitor but it's still a little off.


It's very slight but it bugs me. The tint somehow feels off. Changed a bunch of settings can't get it to where they're the same.


I have one plugged into dvi-d and one into dvi-i (My monitor has a dvi-d connection), could that be a problem at all?

If you've done a basic calibration by eye and you're still not happy, that just leaves hardware calibration, you're going to want something like this:


There's an older model the spyder 3 that was pretty popular too, might be able to find it cheaper.


As for the difference between dvi-d and dvi-i, no that won't be it. Dvi-i just carries both analogue and digital signals.  You'll be using a dvi-d cable to connect to your monitor, which doesn't carry the analogue signal from the card, and would be ignored by your monitor anyway.

The instructions I linked above work reasonably well to get monitors looking pretty similar, but it's not exact.  A lot of people will be happy with it, but those wanting more exact results are going to need something like what I've linked below.