Add Block(Hear Me Out)

Hey guys I would like to know your honest opinions on add block. 

For me I use it because if i don't the adds especially on YouTube will freeze the internet. I live in Australia and our internet isn't the best, less then 200kbps download 50kbps upload. This is the only internet we can get so you probably now understand why i use addblock.  If i don't websites will never load, YouTube is horrible with it once an add plays you would have to refresh the page due to the main video will never load. I could be refreshing the page 10 to 20 times before it would load correctly.

Then i found addblock and it pretty much fixed every problem i was having, Im not using it to hurt the people who gain money of those advertisements I use it cause its pretty much required to use the internet that we have.


I would like to know if there are any other work arounds that wouldn't hurt those guys who gain money of advertisements but wouldn't just freeze my internet.  Cause if i turn it off all it does is we reach our data cap insanely fast and freezes the internet.  Its not my computer either i've used several desktops and laptops.

I pay $105 for 15gig a month, that's the only internet we can get, so thats why i use addblock cause otherwise it just racks up the data.


If you know anything i could use or do to fix my problem that would be insanely helpful :).  And moving house isn't really a option because i work pretty much 5 minutes away from my home.



I'm in rural Qld, and I've just taken a reading on Ookla, which is a download-speed of 2.29-Mbps, and an upload-speed of 0.84-Mbps. You're spot-on about having to refresh the Youtube page after these ads appear on the screen. I don't use Adbloc, but it is getting hard to tolerate these ads.


In some cases you can pay them/subscribe. I know some youtubers have a patron page (i think hats what its called) or similar that allow people to give them a little money for there work. teksyndicate has there tek support thing

It is getting pretty ridiculous, sites these days connect to so many other things be it analytic services to a dozen ad services or social media crap attached to their site, all it does is increase bandwidth for us and load time.

If you want an alternative,

Some browsers like Opera, (maybe chrome but I cant know for sure right now)... have a data saving feature. It disables some plugins so most ads wont run unless you click some play button, it compresses the websites so you download less data, and reduces the quality of pictures displayed as well so that everything loads faster.

I think this feature on Opera is called Off road mode but it might have changed by now (i havent used opera for a while).

There might be an extention for chrome as well.

Before 2014 there wasnt a single option for wired internet for my house, so i had to spend tons of money on terrible 3G plans, there wasnt a single month i wouldnt reach the data cap. These data savig features helped a lot though.

Yeah im on the telstra 4G wifi network since thats the only internet really we can use, its pretty slow because there is like 1 tower for the 30,000 residents in our area.  yeah ill give that Opera a go but the telstra wi fi seems to really hate IE and firefox  just extremely slow, Chrome is the only one that works. If Opera is slow ill just stay with addblock.

Rural Qld is where i am to. The south Burnett. all though the towns have broadband which isn't all that flash anyway, i live way out of these towns so only the telstra mobile signal will reach us and since there is like only 1 telstra mobile tower for everyone to use its just congested as hell. come 4pm in the afternoon and you won't even be able to open up the internet.


Hi Combat Penguin, I'm in Central Qld. My only internet connection is via Telstra 3G Wireless Mobile Broadband (pre-paid). The only way that I can download is at 5:00am in the morning, and yes, the internet congestion in a big headache.

Its so expensive but its the only thing we have, would be good if there was alternatives.


I think AdBlockPlus is fantastic. I hate advertisements, and they ruin my internet experience. When I used to watch television, they also ruined my television watching experience. In a general sense, I loathe having to see something someone paid for me to see. I don't like to see things I don't seek out. Marketing/advertising is of the devil, and the world needs more Bill Hicks.

I tried to stay away but ever since Youtube started foul playing and putting un click away able ads on my screen I said fuck it and got it. There would be one of those little pop up ones that you could click the x on to get rid of them, but they would make the whole entire video be an invisible clickable link to force you to their ad space and i'm having none of that. It's not like I was ever gonna use the ads anyway.

i stay away from using adblock for one reason: ads are the only way websites can remain free to use for the public, and i want to support this idea.

on the other hand, i have adblock installed (but disabled) also for one reason: intrusive ads (think adfly and the dozens of download buttons on some websites) piss me off beyond belief.

if the distributed media doesnt have audio, the ad doesnt need audio either.

How are ads the only way websites can be free? That's simply not true. A website owner can offer use of their site for free at a loss, or they can adopt the donation based model where everything is free, but they take donations to help cover costs.

yeah i like to support it to but if your on limited internet and its slow. the data cap goes in a instant.  with our internet i only watch youtube every now and again but a 15 to 30 second video is pretty much over 100mb which is just to much.


i swear Australian internet companies make youtube download more then its suppose to. i measured 1 minute of 720p video is 250mb now thats bad.

then when all the adds stack up. you go over your limit in no time.


Now this isn't completely true, but the more and more adblock is used the worse its gonna get. If you can't get ad revenue from adblock users you have to pile on more for those who don't to make up the cost. Which in turn those people will get sick of it discover adblock and then you have a major issue. 

Sights are becoming smarter and are making adblock and other forms nearly useless, ie hulu. Are there ways to get around it sure, but it will become more and more difficult to do so. South Park Studios is a pretty decent example, it had ads though not that many. And was making very little revenue, so what did they do? Sold out to Hulu.

And yet only a select few will actually donate, but if you have ads and not in exuberant amounts then there is a steady flow of revenue.

Much like tek syndicate can't live off tek support alone, ads generate more money than most think.

soooooo many people do not use adblock. the small amount of us that do is negligible to most sites

I only use Adblock for certain sites. Sites such as Tek, Linus and OCN who rely on AD revenue and are more community driven I have disabled, Sites which have commercial funding/backing I use enabled

That's exactly how I have my adblock set up and I completely agree.