Add a secon xfx 7970?

hi.  I am wondering shud I put a secon xfx 7970 inn my build?? for better gaming preformens? 


computer specs: 

asus sabertooh z87 

intel i5 4670k

team exstrem 16gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz

xfx amd 7970 ghz 

silverstone raven 03

cooler master hybrid 1300w psu

wd balck 500 gb

wd blu 250 gb

kinston ssd 120 gb

win 8 

sorry about my bad english I am Norwgian whit dyslexia :P 


hope for good replay 

Well if you want to go ahead. Or you could wait for the new 9xxx series from Amd.

Firstly you have to ask yourself "Am I unhappy with the current framerate/graphics quality/filters level of the games I am playing?"

If the answer to this is no, see a). if the answer is yes, see b)

a) do not buy another graphics card (yet anyway)

b) ask yourself "HOW unhappy am I with my gaming experience?"

if the answer is "not very" see c). if the answer is "quite" or "very", see d)

c) ask yourself "Do I have loads of cash to burn?"

if the answer is yes, see e). if the answer is no, see a)

d) ask yourself "Am I in a financial position to buy another card?"

if the answer is yes, see e). if the answer is no, see a)

e) buy another card!

You can even crossfire a 7950 with the 7970. If you want another 7970, get the HiS or the MSI version. Those are way better than an XFX and really worth the money. You can oc those to very high clocks like 1300mHz or 1400mHz or even higher!

At what resolution do you play ? If it's 1080p it's not worth the upgrade. Crossfiring a 7970 with a 7950 would mean the 7970 will get downclocked to the 7950's performance and basically you will have a x-fire of 7950's, which again is not worth it.