Not exactly hacking but close enough.

Noticed AdBlock doesn't really work anymore. I remember a Tek where ISP's were replacing banner ads with their own so maybe that's it. Don't worry, this site is whitelisted, but I hate youtube banner ads and when I'm mobile I feel like using my paid bandwidth is stealing from me. (WiFi tether). Also hate waiting for ads to buffer while the wait 5 seconds thing stalls for a minute but that's a different thread altogether. Didn't mean to start that.

Any news on the recent failure of adblock? Did google interfere since they have enough source code since it is a chrome extension?

This is going to sound rather typical... but have you tried uninstalling AdBlock and re-installing it?

In a similar situation my chrome browsers adblock just kinda suddenly stopped working to a while back... but after I uninstalled it and  then re-installed it...restarted chrome... and adblock was working again...  

Actually AdBlock allows "non intrusive ads" under the reason that so many websites survive on ads that a change was needed. But some speculate they were paid off by Google to allow ads to make sure their business stays a float.


I haven't yet because it sounded like elementary tech support crap but if it actually helps I will give it a shot.

Probably paid off by Google which sucks but makes sense. Better than Google removing them permanently. I love the "non intrusive" part because I honestly don't mind the small harmless ones. The ads on youtube that get stuck on my low bandwidth and banner ads that I keep clicking away piss me off.

It's funny when Tek talked about ISP's overriding ads with their own. If they want to do that I need more bandwidth. If the ad is non intrusive I ignore it anyway and if it is intrusive it pisses me off and then I won't buy from them anyway.

try using ad block plus . As far as your phone goes, root it and get ad block plus and adaway .

At least in my case it seemed like the filter file got corrupted and stopped working... 'Cus I have (had) a lot of white-listed sites and a lot more custom filter rules that Ad block doesn't normally block...

You could get the Youtube Center extension. It gives you a plethora of options to mess with on Youtube. One of the many being the ability to disable the banner ads.

You can turn off the smaller adds. its in the settings. Try adding a couple of more block lists to it as well.

remove it and install it again happens to me a lot