After a while, I've gotten really sick of advertisements on websites and videos. I understand that they fuel our webpages and all, but they're still incredibly annoying. A solution has been released for while now, this being AdBlock. I was going to install it on Chrome, but I noticed something really interesting: 

It can:

- Access your data on all websites

-Access your tabs and browsing activity

I don't have anything to hide, but that part worries me. On their website, they state that Adblock Plus will never collect any of our personal data, but this seems to contradict their installation agreement. 

My question is this: Does AdBlock track your information, and if so, to what degree?

Pretty much any browser addon or program you have installed, even the operating system you have installed can access your data. Personally I would be more worried about microsoft getting my data through windows than adblock spying on me.

No adblock stops tracking data from being downloaded.

Great to know, guys. Thanks!