Adblock? What do you think?

So i dont really know where i stand on this. They discussed adblock on the tek and i started thinking about it. I don't want some of my favorite youtubers to stop making money of what they love, its the American dream. On the other hand ads are like Satan to me, i hate them so much. I was wondering what you guys thought, adblock good or bad. I would like to here the pros and cons that i might not of thought of.

You can use adblock and set it to not disable ads on specific domains (

I'd happily disable adblock if I didn't get any pop up ads, or ads with sound.

I disable it on sites I use a lot, like Tek Syndicate.

Same here, the sites that post pop up ads and crud that can't be escaped are an automatic block. But everything else that I care to support is unblocked.

Basically the same as what has already been said. I would turn it off if they weren't annoying or had pictures of some kind of skin disease. Unfortunately that's not the case, so I just white-list certain sites or turn if off if I know I'm going to go binge watch someone on YouTube I want to support.

If I remember AdBlock (no plus) had a feature where you could unblock specific YouTube channels, though it was a bit buggy and I have since taken Logan's lead to install μBlock. It would be cool to see other people implement this is a way that didn't reload your YouTube video every time you open it like AB.

Really I'd leave it on for YouTube a lot more if it weren't for the stupid pre-roll ads. (They interrupt my bingeing :P)

I personally use AdBlock. Is it morally wrong? Nope. Wouldn't buy your product anyway. Is it immoral to steal compounded seconds of my life. I'd say so.

And yes, I am fully aware they do support people such as Logan. It is truly a shame that manufacturers simply don't send him products for review and then pay him. Ads are especially annoying when you use magnification software and they take up the entire screen so you have to zoom out and look for an x. It's annoying when there isn't an x so you basically just wasted time you could've spent reading.


I would say your scenario is extremely unique though Zippy.

I'd agree with you there. If I didn't need to magnify anything I wouldn't use it whatsoever.

But again. It's kinda a question that has been bugging me:

If your ad and everyone else's ad compounded together can waste days if not weeks of my time then who is truly in the wrong? The person who uses AdBlock to diminish wasted time, or the person who relies on someone else's time; someone else's life in order to thrive?

A feature I'd love to see with YouTube is one where subscribers are given ads, because chances are if you're subscribed to that channel than you would like to see content from them.

You can disable adblock when ever you want to support the ppl you want.
I personally use other blockers (ublock at the moment) and I will always use them. ads completely destroy the experience and they are security liabilities on many cases.

Whenever I want to support someone I donate to them directly (usually my first choice) or disable the blocker. Also the Tek guys have ads integrated in their videos (thus are miles less invasive) so these count too.

BTW Logan also uses blockers. He has refereed to that many times in the past.

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