Adata sx900 128gb

I got this SSD today and installed Win 7 and all my drives and did some configuration from online videos. I notice that my booting is almost the same as my HDD its just that the loading of programs is faster with this. I tried to update the firmware too but they dont have the latest one. Any suggestion on how I can get a better Booting speed/time with this SSD. Appreciate all your help guys! Thanks in advance :)

Here are 2 sites i used for my ssd just changed some options to make it faster and free up a couple gigs of space

Hopefully they help

I just followed all the steps. Some of it were done already and some are not covered on the video that i watched earlier. TYVM for your help. Now will check my boot time


15.2 Sec Boot Time/8 Logon Now i feel it LOOOL! At first it was like 30 something and my old HDD was 40 thats why I wasn't happy at first. Thank You for the help!

np glad i could help. There are also programs that you can add that that add a start button like the old windows but the best part of that is they have an option to skip the metro and go straight to the desktop on bootup. There is a nice looking one (costs but has a free trial but i dont use these) and also and i think that ones free but has different skins if you want that.

I'm still running win 7. I find win 8 not very friendly and confusing atm. Btw, after the changes i did last night i notice that my shutdown became longer now and my booting is shorter. Is that normal ?

I think after installing all the updates and my antivirus ( kapersky ) the shutdown of my pc became slower and the booting is still fast. Before I updated my PC i click shutdown 2 secs after my pc is off. Now it stays for like 10 - 17 sec before it goes off. So should i worry or is it normal for windows updates and some softwares that are being installed?