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ADATA SX8200 w/Pop!_OS 19.04


The recent SX8200 review was well-timed for me, so went ahead with the 1tb model. Installed into XPS 9750 and, independently from L1, threw Pop!_OS 19.04 on it.

It does not currently work. Goes to suspend and NVMe does not come back up - briefly showing APST error 19 and RW failures after that. Recommended kernel parameters nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us set to 0 and high like 8000 APST values change nothing.

It otherwise seems to function correctly. I post it in the SSD category as from Googling it seems to be a distro-agnostic hardware-specific type of problem, even after some fixes in 4.11 kernel.

Anyone else knows how to deal with suspending SX8200?



useful? I have an xps 2-in-1 and can test. Suspsend on a TR desktop was working fine witht he 8200, though. I didn’t test that extensively but will be surprised if its problematic on my machine.



Thank you - this is definitely worth to try. Will check if / pre stage is good one on this distro for

echo 0 > "/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:02:00.0/d3cold_allowed" # for SB Performance Base nvme for s2idle suspend

At a glance the symptom is different - my system fails to wake SX8200 from the first cycle, But that may be the hardware specifics.

Will also file a ticket tomorrow with ADATA - low expectations, but just in case.



It is somewhere else in Pop!_OS, will check tomorrow:

$ sudo find / -depth -xdev -type f -name 2>/dev/null
[sudo] password for vlad:


any follow up here? working now? thanks



The PCI setting to the proper device file did not solve the NVMe wake up issue. Contacting ADATA proven fruitless, as they only suggested to RMA and replace - which very likely would end up with the same behavior. As I was still within the return window, I returned the SX8200 to Amazon and instead got the 970 Pro. Yes, twice as expensive, but worked flawlessly off the bat and did not require me to spend a week troubleshooting. I considered it a better value.

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