Adapting the ITX Retina Display for use as an external field monitor

I am something of an aspiring filmmaker, and am positively disgusted by much of the market for filmmaking gear. As I am sure y'all know, everything is ridiculously expensive. The external monitor space is particularly bad, as it is very easy to buy far, far superior PC monitors for a lot less - they're selling 800x480 TN panels for $300+, and getting away with it.

Today's retina display + lamp arm video gave me an idea - surely something similar can be done to create a monitor fixture that attaches to a video rig, something far superior to pretty much anything short of $1000+ panels. It's the perfect size, and the only real challenge would be creating a reasonably rugged enclosure for it (perhaps something that could be created using CAD software and a 3D printer). Hell, this could potentially revolutionize part of the low budget filmmaking industry.

Thoughts? Ideas?

This shouldn't be that crazy so long as we can get HDMI working on a similar display. We will just need that, some power for the screen and backlight, and a controller board... I'll forward to Wendell, he should have some ideas. This could be really useful. 

Wouldn't a HDMI to DisplayPort cable work? I imagine the only realistic way to supply power would be through a rig mounted battery pack or something, come up with a way of incorporating a standard 12V port, and you're good to go. I, for one, would be fine with that - I don't like the idea of attaching bulky batteries to small monitors suspended by a not-that-robust arm anyway.

Not possible?

EDIT: Ah, interesting. Seems like the guy who makes the board had the same idea and is (possibly) working on something.

EDIT AGAIN: Emailed them, got this: "Do you know anybody who could do the 3D case? Maybe it would give us some motivation to make a very simple board (just the letterboxed FHD image in the center of that screen)." Referring to making a CAD design for a case to be 3D printed. Halp, Logan and Wendell! Use your connections, we can make this happen!

EDIT AGAIN AGAIN. Ok, most likely got someone on board.