Adapter Issues

Hey guys, I bought a second VGA monitor about a week ago but had no adapter for it. My R9 270X has one DVI-I (Used with adapter - working), one DVI-D, display port and HDMI.

So I bought this:

And I thought I could just plug it into the DVI-D port and have my second monitor up and running, but it doesn't work.

Any thoughts/ideas on how I can get it working?

Current setup (Changing in like 2 days)
M5A97 EVO R2.0
R9 270X
8GB Ram

I bought the second VGA because I was trying to make it look as close as possible to my current monitor, and there's a no return policy unless the monitor is damaged or faulty.





EDIT: The eBay seller just replied to my message sayinf it wasn't outputting a signal and he's sending me another one free of charge, so it could just be a faulty adapter.

This may be a trivial question but, did you adjust the display settings on the computer after you connected the cable with the adapter to it?