Adam Sessler is back!

To my joy, I have just discovered that one of my favorite video gaming review personalities just became the editor and chief of Rev3games.

I did not formerly subscribe to Rev3games, but I definitely am now with the addition of this gamers elite.

Here's his introduction video and I hope you guys are as excited as I am for future content:

Oh awesome, I've missed him, thanks for the update.

My pleasure

Not to mention he's working with Max Scoville, Tara Long, and Anthony Carboni now. Rev3Games is an awesome channel.

Yup, Kevin is also left G4 and is working on some good projects now.

I'm glad Sessler got away from that terrible network.

Sucks TechTV was bought out by G4. Happy to see Adam is back though. 

The two best shows Revision3 had have died.  Let's not add more. :,(

R.I.P. Systm

Well that's nifty, watched him back on zdtv....GamespotTV woop woop

Too bad it doesn't look like there's really any worth-while content on there.

Holy shit its sonata, haven't seen you in forever