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Ad-blocker blocker blocker


Dear @kreestuh & @ryan,

Here’s a little something you guys might be able to use to remove some of those annoying ad-blocker blockers, yes… I’m talking about an ad-blocker blocker blocker… :thinking:

You might need to do some prep-work before a show, but after a while, it becomes less work as you visit certain sites frequently, it’ll keep your videos more presentable.

It’s a small Chrome(ium) extension that allows you to “customize” the CSS to your liking, it’s intended for people who need to customize the font-size or background color for their own comfort. However in CSS you could also potentially hide div’s or other block-elements.

This extension does not trigger the ad-blocker blockers as far as I have seen, so you could white-list the sites you want to present, and let this extension do the ad-hiding for you.

So I’m not sure who’s the web-guru in your midst, but anyway, here’s the extension:

I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum, but I tried. (n00b here)

Hope it’s useful,