Activision goes too far making the makers of Orion take down their game from Steam over guns that actually don't look very similar

Finally some drama in the Steam Summer Sale of 2016 all because of Activision.....

Activision has made the makers of Orion take down their game in the sale for having copied certain guns and the evidence surely doesn't point to it.

Find all the info. in different threads here and make sure to sign the petition someone started.

The back of this gun does look prettyyyyyy much the same... Trigger forward not so much.

The other had no resemblance at all IMO.

LULZ! You obviously are reaching here. I am glad you think what Activision is doing is funny too.

Huh? Reaching for what... It looks like they put a different skin on the gun, and changed trigger guard forward. LULZ.

I think Activision could spend their time more wisely than targeting a mediocre $0.50 game on Steam.

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I thought you were actually on Activision side with your first statement. : O

Oh please this should not be enough to take Orion down. Guns are going to look similar but these do not look exactly alike so whatever.

Actually, that is all it takes. Do I agree with it? no.
Activision is no stranger to fighting copyright infringement and has a dedicated legal team for such things.

I think Activision isn't too far off with their claims on some of that. I just don't know where the line is drawn - like I said the back half of that gun just looks like it was reskinned and that's it. The front half did look different however. If you disagree with it being basically identical on that side then I dunno what to say...

My only reason for not taking Activision's side is this game will probably die when the Steam sale dies. I personally didn't find it to be an enjoyable gaming experience. It's only getting sales because of the price. Activision could spend their money better elsewhere... like on making better games.

I agree. Fuck COD, fuck Destiny and fuck Activision :P

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