Active noise canceling: experiences with Philips SHB9850NC?

Edit: the title didn't say it all - at all! Sorry for the confusion, my main quest is for a decent affordable noise canceling solution. Wireless or not is not really of importance.

Title says it all. Most reviews online are positive regarding price/quality. Anybody who has/had this? Better solution for the same price? Any ideas on delays when used to view video?

Unless you require wireless and/or active noise cancellation, I would steer clear. In general, I find that convenience features like those come at the cost of sound quality. As a brand, Philips has a couple of really outstanding headphones, but you never specified your intended use case. This particular headphone is really intended for portable use.

Thanks for pointing that out. I was looking for a noise canceling solution and after some time that seems the obvious "thing" this headset has, but that is of course because I was specifically looking at it.

So to summarize: wireless is a nice plus, but it's really the noise canceling that needs to be acceptable (think airplane and train). I don't expect it to be at the exact same level as the very expensive headsets, but if NC doesn't work at all there isn't much use in getting it.

If you know more about this specifically I would love to hear it.