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Active Motherboard Chipset Cooling - Point of failures/Reliability

This is a MB by MB thing. I’ve read complaints from Gigabyte owners that the settings are not enough. On my MSI the fan only turns on at boot or during really high loads. I think I can set custom curves as well but I haven’t tried.

They’re ball bearing fans. And can anyone verify? They can in fact be replaced/bought?

Power Logic makes a lot of the fans being used. Their catalog for fans is huge and easily accessible on AliExpress.

Even if you can’t find that exact model (the model number is on the back of the fan in 99% of cases), there’s probably something with the same measurements that will fit.

Just saying spend the extra $100 and get the VG27AQ. It is way better and a much better value. Just got one myself it is awesome. 27". 1440p IPS. 144Hz with Gsync and ELMB

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I appreciate the advice, I really do. But I have to remind everyone i’m in Canada. And that thing is $600 here. Way too expensive. Plus i’ll be needing a new GPU to run 1440P. And what I like about the Dell is it looks professional. And it’s 24". Wouldn’t 27 not have as much pixel density? Idk. I might just wait and buy it, and finally go with an AMD GPU if I build a Ryzen 3600 system. :smiley:

Also, apparently the ASUS display has strobing issues on lower refresh rates? Although i’m not sure why that’s an issue? I wonder if they specifically mean in a desktop environment. If you’re playing a game that’s locked FPS, that would be a serious issue.

It doesn’t but 24"in 1440p is too small imo. everything is too tiny. 27" is perfect for 1440p.

Literally never had this issue lol but okay

:thinking: Just something I read. Probably nothing to worry about. Anyway, still too expensive, and i’m still too poor.


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Well if you don´t like a chipset fan, which are,
fans that are widely available.
Then you could always go for X470.
You will lose pci-e4.0, but other then that it will be fine.

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@DerKrieger In all seriousness though, that display looks great. And it’s both G-Sync and Freesync which is crazy. I’d love to do a full AMD build. However, there’s always something wrong with monitors. Price aside, if they AT LEAST made it look good and professional, I would pull the trigger on it, hesitantly, but damn it might just be worth it. The TUF branding, the Bey-Blade Hasbro look like something a 13 year old would find appealing is just way too much. I’m surprised there’s no RBG on it. But other than that it really is a very fantastic looking display.

@MisteryAngel Well if that’s the case and it isn’t a big deal to replace them, then I guess X570 is fine. ALSO, my case (Phantom 820) has a fan at the side blowing RIGHT into the PCIE chipset. :thinking: