Activation Lock on iPad while trying to perform system reset.

Hey all,

I am trying to perform a system reset on my grandmother’s iPad since it was disabled. My grandmother cannot remember any of her passwords and constantly changes them. We have since given her a new iPad. However, while going through the setup process as a new iPad, we have gotten an activation lock on it, showing her Apple ID as the ID on the iPad. Entering the password does not work. What can we do? Grandma is not tech savvy and refuses to go to a help desk or talk to a person. She is very frazzled over this and I don’t want to bother her anymore. I’m looking to set this up as a new iPad through a factory reset.

Bring it to Apple with a receipt, or attempt to change the forgotten password on the Apple website.

If you can do neither, well, you’re screwed, unless you manage to find one of the super obscure ways of removing the Apple ID lock, such as by tricking the phone into thinking you’re talking to an Apple server, when in reality, you aren’t.

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