Action/Adventure Games you recommend?!

To prevent confusion here are the games i own.


Now I just want some recomendations. I shall be buying farcry 3 soon also. 

thanks guys,

Love the Tek Syndicate community.

I would suggest Tomb raider. To me, it doesn't matter which one cause I love them all, but if you don't like low graphics and limited exploration, movement and so forth, then i would suggest the latest ones.

Call of juarez is nice, otherwise it's really fun online.

If you don't care about graphics that much, then an old and cheap game would be Dark Messiah - might and magic. It doesn't have the worst graphics, but you notice the difference between graphics today and 7years ago.

Darksouls? Don't know what I would really count it as but I like it.

Other than that, games I would suggest are mostly the older models of what you got, like Oblivion and so forth. Looking at your list I see that you don't seem to like EA so much, understandable.

You should try FEZ! It's very fun if you're looking for and adventure game that uses some different mechanics. If you haven't heard of it, imagine if you were in a 3D world but could only see two dimensions at a time, subsequently you're able to rotate your view of everything. It's awesome.

But maybe, if you're looking for something a little more "actioney", you could try Mass Effect 2? I only bring up that game in particular because I have an extra copy on Origin should you find that it suits your gaming needs.

If you have or can get a hold of a ps3 play one of the uncharted games they are great! Also check out if you havent bioshock 1, love the story, plus its always on sale for like 5 bucks and bundled with the second game. 

Also oblivion is always a great time.