Hey guys sorry I havn't been on in so long for those who remember me, I've just been really busy getting my life sorted out so I hadn't really had the time to get involved with the community really.

But I need to ask you guys which monitor would be the better choice?

They both cost rough €250 and I plan on getting one of them, I heard they both use the exact same panel inwhich case I might choose the catleap since it has a nicer bezal and stand but is there anything else I'm missing thats different between the two?

I saw Logan's video on the Shinima awhile ago and the Catleaps are fairly popular over here in Ireland.
So given the fact that there both A- panels, both come from South Korea and both are the exact same price more or less which one should I go for?


pcper did a great write up of the Shimian. said they got it in the us in 3 days! im getting the shimian. probably 2 of them :-) when im not broke