Acer Swift 3 Ryzen Mobile version apparently available with Discrete GPU option

So the highly anticipated Acer Swift 3 with the Ryzen 2700U processor apparently is coming in 2 versions… One with and without a discrete RX 540 GPU…

The model without is the SF315-41, and the model with a discrete GPU is the SF315-41G.

ONLY Acer Germany lists the discrete GPU model:

The discrete GPU model has had no coverage in North America but has had plenty of coverage by the German press. Depending on how it’s setup, maybe the discrete GPU model might be a good GPU passthrough option? or would the locked BIOS lock out the iGPU on the 2700U on the model with a discrete GPU?

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Almost bizarre though, 8 Polaris CU’s? The iGPU and the the dGPU are probably going to perform about equally here.

It is very odd, but if the BIOS allows access to both GPUs in Linux, there’s a passthrough solution in this somewhere.