Acer Front Panel Coneecor Issues

Look, before I start I know it was stupid to buy a pre-built for a base build. 

I started with a Gateway pre-built running an i3-2120 and an acer mobo, other parts irelevant, and I decided to do an incremental upgrade. I bought a 7770 ghz edition and 8gb of cs9 1866mhz ram and stuck them in, and then decided to get a 700w 80+ Coolermaster and a Corsair 300r, and so I did. Well the psu and the case came, I easily dropped in the psu and other parts into my new case, but I NEED help with the front panel connectors. The connectors are HDD light, power light, pwr switch, and reset switch. I do not have the user manual b/c it did not come with the computer, yet I feel it is running the h67 chipset (LGA1155).



look on the board for any model number you can find and google it

acer=problems is all the input i can offer, sorry bud

Well thanks anyway, I have been searching for hours (this was my last resort) for a guide book, and I can find nothing.