Acer c710 + linux? any suggestions?

so i went on craigslist and picked up an Acer c710 in almost perfect condition for 120$. so do you all have any suggestions for linux distro's? on my main laptop and desktop i have majaro kde and love it, other then some of kthe update issues with pacman. oh and it's the version with a 320gb hdd instead of the 16gb ssd. 

I have been using CrunchBang on my Chromebook. Runs well and fast, fairly lightweight, and pretty easy to install. Check it out, it might suits your needs.

well i got it to work. it's sad to say i'm a noob with linux and this thing has made my head hurt a little and it's an easy install lol. good thing there was a great walk through ! and it has been an interesting learning experience. thank you for the link sir.