Acer Aspire AMD A6 3400m Overclock with K10stat

Recently got around to overclocking my AMD laptop, thought I would share the results as it may help someone out. My reason for overclocking is because I was only getting 20-40fps (1600x900) in Warframe with lowest settings. After overclock I'm now getting 40-60fps (1600x900).

I tested my laptop with the settings below through 3 runs of Geekbench 3, Cinebench R15, PassMark, and several hours of playing Warframe.


  • Acer Aspire 7560-Sb416
  • AMD A6 3400m OC'ed @ 2.2ghz / 2.8ghz boost
  • 4gb Hynix 1333mhz
  • Patriot Pyro II SSD 120GB


  • Stock 1.4ghz / 2.3ghz boost - 33c idle and 56c load
  • OC'ed 2.2ghz / 2.8ghz boost - 35c idle and 65c load

Geekbench 3 (32bit):

  • Stock 1.4ghz / 2.3ghz boost - (Single Core 928) (Multi Core 2970)
  • OC'ed 2.2ghz / 2.8ghz boost - (Single Core 1209) (Multi Core 4090)

Cinebench R15 CPU/OpenGL:

  • Stock 1.4ghz / 2.3ghz boost - CPU 153 / OpenGL 17.95
  • OC'ed 2.2ghz / 2.8ghz boost - CPU 223 / OpenGL 18.08

PassMark Performance Test:

  • Stock 1.4ghz / 2.3ghz boost - (PassMark Rating - 1184) (CPU Mark 2056)
  • OC'ed 2.2ghz / 2.8ghz boost - (PassMark Rating - 1424) (CPU Mark 2833)

K10stat Settings:

  • B0 - FID 26 / DID 1 / 2800 / 1.3000V
  • P0 - FID 28 / DID 2 / 2200 / 1.1250V
  • P1 - FID 24 / DID 2 / 2000 / 1.1000V
  • P2 - FID 20 / DID 2 / 1800 / 1.0750V
  • P3 - FID 16 / DID 2 / 1600 / 1.0500V
  • P4 - FID 12 / DID 2 / 1400 / 1.0000V
  • P5 - FID 08 / DID 2 / 1200 / 0.9750V
  • P6 - FID 04 / DID 2 / 1000 / 0.9500V

K10stat 1.54 Download -

Does windows perform differently, like load slower compared to stock speeds? 

that is a fairly awesome speed boost, just be careful of the fan crapping out on you or bad thermals over a longer time period.

seems like you have that pretty balls to the wall and the price of that comes with having to do regular checkups :)

my 9370 @ 4.5 gets 728 in you are able to get 30.63% of my performance with the constraints you are under.

btw... I can push mine further but I dont like noise / high temps and this is as far as I can take it for 24/7 general usage without it getting too noisy / hot on me.

hats off to you

So far everything is fine, its only running a few celsius hotter than stock and the laptop APUs are good to 105c and I'm loading at 65c so no worries. I'm getting 732 @ 4.6ghz with my FX8320 in cinebench r15 and have a top score of 834 @ 5.1ghz. Same as you I don't like the extra heat and noise so I run it at 4.3ghz stock voltage daily.

Will be posting results soon I upgraded the A6 3400m to the A8 3520m and its running cooler at higher clocks.

Adding the K10stat to Windows startup has not slowed anything down from what I can tell. My laptop is actually noticeably faster. The main thing I don't like about K10stat 1.54 is it has to be applied after any restart or shut down. Even when windows loads it on start up it just brings up k10stat and then you have to select your overclock profile and apply. Not a huge deal takes like 3 seconds to apply and close it.

Stay tuned I upgraded the A6 3400m to the A8 3520m for $15

It was very easy to upgrade to the A8 3520m. AMD uses a socket in most of their laptops that is very similar to their desktops, so upgrading the CPU was quite easy. The A6 and A8 far as CPU performance are pretty much the same after overclocking both being comfortable at 2.8GHz boost (B0) 1.3 - 1.3125v. Both also were capable of 3.0GHz boost @ 1.3125v but 2.8Ghz is just a precaution for daily use. After more use with the software I no longer mess with the stock (P) states, I leave them stock and only increase the boost or (B0) state to 2.8GHz @ 1.3 - 1.3125v. This is still very effective being that anytime you do something on the laptop it jumps to its boost clock anyways. Stock vs Stock the A8 is a bit better than the A6, it is definitely worth $15 to upgrade to the A8. The biggest performance increase the A8 has over the A6 is the iGPU or integrated graphics.

I will be posting the A8's benchmarks soon.

Some quick graphics benchmarks between my old A6 3400m and A8 3520m

Cinebench R15 OpenGL: Stock Clocks
A6 3400m - 17.95
A8 3520m - 22.07

Not bad its worth the $15 upgrade.