Accurate 8350 temps?

I am curious if the temps I'm getting through hwinfo are accurate. I'm idling around 29-31c and it maxed at 45c while running prime95 for roughly 10 minutes but it had been going back and forth from 44 to 45 for half that time. I'm using the Xigmatek Dark Knight II, the one in Logan's review, and tuniq tx2 for TIM. My case is a Phantom 410 which I do have stocked with fans and the fan controller was set at max. I'm not overclocked, I was wanting some base temp numbers before doing so. I'd like to know if these temps are accurate or at least close to the realm of possibility. Thanks.

I am getting the same temps on stock while idle and maxed so it looks normal any one else getting something different?

i get the same temps to with a stock cooler

wenn i  gonne play a game or run prime it´s gonne run about  44/45 degrees

Alright, thanks to you both for letting me know.

the idle temps are off by about 7-13C but the hot temps are correct, microsensors for temps are notoriously innacurate at low temps

That is very good to know. So I'm actually around 24c at idle (room temp is only 21c). I really appreciate the info as I had no idea about the low temp inaccuracies, thanks.

I have a room temp of about 32c, mx-4 TIM, h100, crosshair v, 2x4gb gskill 2133cl9. Idles about 38c-39c. 45c-46c playing crisis 3. 54c-55c prime 95 10mins.

are these temps normal for my setup?