Accidently hit the format button

Ok, I was formating my sister's PC the other day. I had this external USB HD that I keep all my backup and stuff that I usually throw over when I do a fresh install so I don't have to spend say 4-6 hours downloading programs and tools to save bandwidth etc.. Anyways long story short I accidently hit quick format on it cuz the mouse/keyboard on over the wrong drive. I quickly realized it cuz the SSD installed was 256GB HD meanwhile the external was 2.5TB. anyways long story short I'm trying a few restore program that are free but not many have a good restore partition and most have only 'search' or recover files option. 

Anyways last thing I wanna do is recover only 30% of the files. Also I don't understand linux so no linux mumbo jumbo stuff. 

Probably TestDisk will be your best bet.

>Also I don't understand linux so no linux mumbo jumbo stuff. 

How important is the data? If its important, take it to a professional. Otherwise if you don't mind the risk of losing some of the data try the program suggested.

Recuva? Piriform the company that makes CCleaner makes it. Might help not sure.

I have had good luck with Get Data Back NTFS

This is a good utility to have around. you can make your money back with one recovery job for a client or friend.

Not free but, simple, and gets good results.

Free Demo will let you see if the program can recover the data.