Accidentally plugged in Integrated Graphics

So I accidentally plugged in my DVI cord into the onboard graphics instead of my dedicated graphics card, the GTX 960. I shut down my PC, plugged it into the 960 and now the 960 does not work. Only the integrated graphics work. Re-seated GPU, went through BIOS and it is in PCIE, disabled onboard graphics, uninstalled onboard graphics drivers, tried uninstalling a Windows 10 update (but doesn't allow me anyway), and nothing. Any way to lessen the stress? Motherboard is an MSI H81M-E34.

I don't see how plugging the dvi cord into the onboard port would do anything. Are you sure something else isn't broken? Do you have a spare pc you could test the 960 in?


Is the 960 showing up in Device Manager?

Have you tried reinstalling the Nvidia drivers?

Nope and I could not install the Nvidia drivers since the software does not detect any Nvidia cards.

How old is the GPU?

Windows is clearly not able to see the GPU. Are there any devices in there that windows can't find drivers for? If not, a couple things are possible. You've got a bad PCIe port on the motherboard or you've got a bad GPU. You could probably send either back for RMA, but plugging your monitor into the iGPU shouldn't do that, and hot-plugging monitors is not a bad thing, they're designed for that.

An RMA is not possible, the system has been running for 2 years.

Oh, that's too bad. That would have been an easy fix, probably.

To clarify, your GPU is showing up on the PCIe readout in the BIOS?

If so, it's probably functional. All we need to do is figure out what's causing this problem.

Do you have an IOMMU? If so, disable it. (intel vt-d, amd-vi)

At this point, it's a bit out of my depth, but I'll do my best to help!

Perhaps the bios set your IGP as the default card when it was the only one with a monitor attached.
Probably check the bios, and set the discreet card as primary?


BIOS is set in PEG.

I never checked if BIOS detected the card actually. I would assume it wouldn't since the GPU does not work and the fan does not turn on

That wouldn't account for the GPU not being recognized by Windows.

Is the GPU one of those that has the "silent mode" on it? If so, the fan won't turn on unless it's under load.

Also, are you sure it's got the PCIe power connectors installed properly? I've made that mistake before.

No silent mode. And it is properly installed

What manufacturer 960?

If the fans aren't spinning, it's likely gone bad.

Can't imagine what caused it though.

The brand of the graphics card is a PNY.

I have seen something similar before in alienware laptops with m290 cards. Dodgy hardware in that case.
A combination of reflashing the bios, turning it on and off in the BIOS seemed to bring it back.
But that's probably not the case here.

Time of techniques of trying it in another computer, or trying another card in this computer to try and isolate the fault. Otherwise, troubleshooting can be tricky.


I wonder if there's a bad cap or something in the power-delivery circuits. That's usually the case if the fans aren't spinning. @GRIMx could always pop the heatsink off and give it a once over to see if there's a path that's been burnt out or something.

I've got a 970 fans don't spin until it has a decent load on it. Sorry if you have already answered it but when plugged into the 960 dies the screen come on? I'm assuming not. It won't hurt to take it out uninstall all drivers make sure boss is all set up for integrated, then reinstall it all again. I don't think it is connectors as you would have a low power warning but it would still get screen display. I think you're at the point of swapping cards yours into another PC and maybe try another in yours.

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the low-power warning. Usually mine just don't run if they don't have enough power.

Did you try to just reset the BIOS? Something funky surely happened and maybe a BIOS reset can help out.