Accidental scratch...problem?

So I have bought an ASUS m5a99fx pro rev 2.0 motherboard.I have accidentally scratched one capacitor.I scratched only the little top coating.The capacitor itself is completely fine.

I haven't built my pc completely yet and I wanna know could this be a problem ??

Here is a pic of the top coating I managed to scratch a little

.little brown/gray coating on half of the top


You should make a closer picture of the scratch, I for one cannot find it.

This is just a pic of the mbo and its capacitors,not my actual board.It's just a go by picture.Like I said I made a scratch on the brown/grey coating/paint.The capacitor is fine.So I was wondering was this a problem,and could it be a problem....I was told it was just paint for identifying them and that it doesn't matter 

If the capacitor itself has not been damaged, and the housing itself has not been damaged, you're fine.