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Accessing VM through VPN

Hi I have a couple of VM running on my Unraid machine. I used to be able to connect to my VM with RDP or VNC when connected to my Wireguard VPN, but a couple days ago it just stoped working. I can connect to my VPN and have connection, but I can’t access my VMs. I have tried using a different router and resetting my VPN but nothing worked. I am not really sure what is going on or how to try to fix it. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
Thank you

Do you remember what sort of changes have happened between now and last time it was working?

Updates? Hardware changes? Changes to VLAN or routing?

Are you able to ping the VM you want to connect to? (I think Windows 10 blocks ICMP by default so you may have to change it in Windows firewall if you have a W10 VM)

I didn’t really change anything unless something automatically updated. I think it might be a problem with the way my VPN is setup now as the scope of what it has access to is lower. I have a remote tunneled access setup. I should be able to connect to things on the LAN with that connection type right?

I do this pretty often myself under a similar setup to the one you describe. One thing that did help was turning on KeepAlive under the Wireguard connection for both the VM and my laptop.

I set my keepalive to 25 sec but still I can’t access things on my LAN.

Sorry for the late reply to this. I can’t recall the exact command used for this but I believe this may be possible to fix by updating the AllowedIPs field.