Accessing Samba share from Windows 10

Hey everyone! I’m trying to setup a Samba share that I can access from Windows 10. I’m using Ubuntu Server 20.04. As far as I can tell, the share is setup correctly, but Windows will not see the share. I can ping the server from Windows, but it will not browse to the share. It won’t map the drive either. Does anyone have a set of repeatable, reliable steps for getting a samba share to work in Windows 10 securely? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What is the error you’re getting in Windows? Can Windows ping the server?

Are you using an existing user on the server to access the share and if so did you try

sudo smbpasswd -a user

to set their samba password?

Hey Razor, thanks for the reply. The error is the generic Windows network error, “Windows cannot access \ip address” and the details are, “Error code: 0x80004005 Unspecified error”. I should also mention that the Samba server is running in Virtualbox on the same system I’m trying to access it from. The network adapter in Virtualbox is set to bridged. I set up another samba server on a XCP-ng vm and it worked with no issues.
I tried disabling my antivirus and Windows firewall and the firewall on the Samba server is not running. So I am stumped.

Also, I installed the guest tools on the vm and set the SMB protocols on both the Samba server and Windows first to SMB1 then I allowed 2, finally forcing 3 on both, but still could not find the vm through explorer.

And I can ping it, but when I run nmap, it says the port for Samba is filtered.

Is UFW running? If so you can allow Samba I think you can just do

Sudo ufw allow samba

That isn’t the best practice mind you but since it is a VM hosted on the same machine accessing it, security probably won’t matter that much but if it does you can restrict it as needed once you get it working.

I don’t know if win 10 did the same update as windows 11, but for me I now have to put my pc’s nic to private network connection and then enable samba sharing thru the windows firewall all just for me to connect to my local nas box that is plugged into the same switch as my pc.

My $0.02 for what it’s worth!