Accessing Freenas Securely

I've built my freenas system and everything is working perfectly. Now I want to access my plugins(sickbeard,sabnzbd etc) when i'm not home. I read that the best way to do this is through vpn. My router i currently own is really shit(provided by isp) and i really want to buy a new router. Should i go ahead with that and just buy a new router that supports vpn or is there another way to this. I just want to access the web interface of the plugins and nothing more...for now

You don't need to get a new router (assuming yours can port forward).

Look on YouTube for how to set up ssh with freenas, there are quite a few videos.


Yeh it can port forward but that would mean I would have to open up my home network to to the public right? And i  really don't want to do that. 

I've read up on ssh and I'm still learning about it and how secure it is etc and so far that seems to be the safest bet.