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Access dsl modem behind opnsense


this is my network setup:
dsl1(>pppoe1>wan gateway>lan(
dsl2(>pppoe2>wan gateway2>lan2(

as the title says what i want to do to is to access dsl modems or simply be able to talk to <> and <> from my lan (…

because i have two different gateways using the outbound NAT rule in firewall doesn’t work…(that i found out before in pfsense)…

the thing is on pfsense with some simple allow rules in firewall (allow access to <wan1modem net (> from lan ) it would work and i had access to the modems but the same setup doesn’t work on opnsense for some reason …

i did some googling couldn’t find anything useful some help would be appreciated…

some additional info:
lan net > (\24)
lan2 net >(\24)
wan > pppoe1
wan2 > pppoe2
wan1modem net > (\24)
wan2modem net > (\24)

modem 1 has static ip of
modem 2 has static ip of

i want access from lan net to wan1modem net and wan2modem net…