AC Unity for Xbox One

I just bought AC Unity for Xbox One for $4.45 Canadian after using a code off the Facebook page for It is a digital purchase. I understand that price is good for a AAA game and so after initially posting here looking for help on whether to buy it or not I just bought it. For the record in regards to this series I have AC games for console that I have never played but I have played Dying Light and really enjoyed the parkour. Will I enjoy this? Btw the deal is listed below at this link -

Oh and people said there were loads of problems with this game at launch but has it been patched to death and so now does it work well? I see on YouTube some videos saying quite a bit was fixed a year ago but just wondered if there were any new fixes more recently. Yes?

I would assume that this long after launch, it's patched into relative stability. Doubt you'll have much fun with the multiplayer. Unity added more parkour elements on top of the established movements from previous titles, there is some good content in there. Not the most engaging plot out of any of the games (that would have to go to AC 2, or perhaps AC4 Black Flag, my personal favorite), but it's alright.

I played Assassins Creed Unity at launch on the PlayStation 4 and only had performance issues for the first day or as most of it was fixed with a patch, however, I did encounter some issues after that such as getting completely stuck on a ledge and not being able to move at all to the point of restarting a mission, this happened to both me and my brother and only when we were playing online. In all Unity isn't a bad AC game and is much better than Revelations and AC3 which are arguably the worst in the series but as AC games go I preferred Brotherhood, Black Flag, and Rouge which are among my favourites.

I actually only finished Rouge the other week as I got it as part of the Ubisoft Humble Bundle and was able to play it on high settings with no AA at 4K on my GTX 970 and it looked pretty good for a game that is two years old.